Block Exemption

For many years automakers had a stranglehold on how cars and parts are sold. They alone had been allowed to award franchises and effectively have full control over who is allowed to sell, service and repair their vehicles as well as distribute original parts.

Now, under new rules, Block Exemption effectively opens the business up for independent enterprises like HRG to sell, service and repair vehicles without effecting your warranty rules.

Block Exemption has tied vehicle sales to maintenance and servicing. While consumer groups claim the exemption has been abused, and disguises an elaborate price-fixing cartel, car makers argue that the sheer number of rival brands and models creates sufficient price competition, while the increasing technical complexity of cars requires dedicated outlets.

Carmakers insist that any business carrying out warranty work will have to meet the technical and quality standards laid down by them — and use authorised parts — otherwise the warranty will be invalidated. To achieve the criteria laid down by the car makers, independent garages may have to make a significant investment in training and equipment.

Every outlet must meet core standards, but some minor national variations are allowed. Audit teams are currently working in each country to make sure that those standards are being met Those audit teams are, in turn, being randomly audited by teams from Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Stuttgart to make sure standards are the same.

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